Our Values

Our values are shaped by our parents, family, friends, community and experiences.

At Lifetime Financial Strategies, LLC, we offer exceptional service and a specialized planning process to those who value their financial efforts and the lifestyle they’ve worked for. In more than two decades of service, we’ve discovered that we work particularly well with certain types of clients, like the following:

  • Our ideal clients believe that financial advice is an area of expertise from which they can benefit.
  • Our ideal clients have worked for what they have and wish to continue to build upon their efforts in an efficient and time-tested way.
  • Our ideal clients share our values of serving the community on a regular, ongoing and meaningful basis.
  • Our ideal clients know that creating something worthwhile takes time and effort, and it may not always be easy.
  • Our ideal clients don’t mind reasonable risk when it’s appropriately balanced by potential reward.
  • Our ideal clients value a holistic process to help them achieve their goals.
  • Our ideal clients appreciate trustworthy, professional relationships and actively develop them in their businesses and personally.
  • Our ideal clients are engaged, active partners.
  • Our ideal clients recognize the value of our "Whole Person" planning approach.