The Focused Vision Financial Planning Process™ is a five-step process designed to provide financial strategies that support and are in alignment with your values and goals. It is based on our "Whole Person" approach to planning - our lives are so much richer than just our investments or careers.

In fact, time is our most precious asset.

This simple statement is at the core of our Focused Vision Financial Planning Process. Our mission is to help you clarify your goals, simplify your life and amplify your results. As part of our service and process, we offer the Focused Vision Client Portal (FVCP). The FVCP is a secure, firewalled, password-protected centralized repository that keeps all of your financial data and important documents in one place. In addition to bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, mortgages, credit cards, etc., we also provide you with an online vault to house all of your important documents such as wills, trusts, deeds, insurance policies, income tax returns, passports, etc. The system will even track and categorize your expenses as well as your asset allocation.

Step 1: The Dear, Fear and Here (DFH) Assessment™ – Our first priority is to understand what matters most to you, how you envision your life going forward, what are your deepest fears and concerns and where you are today financially and mentally.

Step 2: The Focused Vision Statement™ – This statement serves three purposes.

  • Summary of everything that matters most to you
  • Confirms that we are on the same page
  • Serves as a roadmap for our working together

Step 3: The Focused Vision Framework™ – Where the Focused Vision Statement acts as a roadmap, the Framework is our blueprint that lays out the step-by-step process for addressing each of your needs and concerns so that we can achieve your goals. Based on our conversations, the tasks are prioritized in order of importance and impact to your planning. Again, this will be stored in your FVCP vault and updated as necessary.

Step 4: Focused Action™ – This is the implementation stage of our process. This is the most labor intensive and time-consuming step. The amount of time and work needed will depend upon the number of tasks to be completed and how quickly we move from task to task. You control the pace of this process, and you can follow our progress by logging in to your FVCP account online.

Step 5: Maintaining Balance™ – This is where we monitor your progress and make adjustments to the planning as your situation changes and needs and goals evolve. Your FVCP account online will be the way we track your accounts, your plans, and your goals over time.

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